Operating activities

We design simple and smart solutions inspired by people.

People are the inspiration for everything we do. We design bicycles, parts and accessories that harness human muscle power. We want to constantly push the limits of what is possible.

Design is all about thinking in solutions that are both smart and simple and that make life easier and more fun for cyclists. Our aim is to make smart things so simple that they appeal to everyone. This is what will enable us to transform bicycles and the entire industry as we move into the future of mobility. And that is no empty promise. Just think of the introduction of the e-bike and e-mountain bike. We have turned the business on its head more than once in the past and we will continue to do so in the future.


Thanks to our size and our wide range of brands, we really can make a difference. We have a world of experience, knowledge and craftsmanship at our fingertips, putting us in the perfect position to come up with the mobility solutions of the future.

Our product range consists of bicycles, bicycle parts and accessories. The highly complementary combination of the two product groups strengthens our client proposition and facilitates cross selling.




Thanks to our wide range of leading European brands, we can respond to the different needs and preferences of consumers in each country. When it comes to our high-end sports brands such as Lapierre, Koga and Haibike consumer preferences and tastes are much more universal.



Our brands offer distinctive collections in terms of design and innovation, enabling us to continue to surprise consumers. We are there for everyone, from young to old. Whether you want full-out sports performance, take your children to school every day with the cargo bike or prefer an afternoon tour with your friends or family, we want to exceed your expectations. Our ultimate goal? To offer everyone a cycling experience they will not forget.

Seasonal pattern

The bicycle industry has a fixed seasonal pattern. The European cycling season starts with the high-profile introduction of the new collections in July, followed by delivery of the bikes to the dealers in the second half of the year. Consumer sales peak between February and August, with differences per bicycle type and per country and are influenced by weather conditions.



Development and design

The bicycle is a lifestyle product and we differentiate ourselves through distinctive designs and high levels of innovation. Bicycles are also fast becoming an increasingly high-tech product, making each new generation an even greater challenge. We are constantly working on new applications in the field of performance enhancement, using new, more lightweight and more efficient materials. We use smart methods to integrate electric drive components and accessories in the frame and we continuously increase the functionality of our bicycles by making use of the opportunities created by the Internet of Things. Accell Group has various ongoing innovation and development programmes, both for bicycles as a product and for bicycle use. These programmes are an opportunity for us to make use of the insights we gain from consumers by involving them in the development process, for instance in the testing of our prototypes.

Procurement and production

We source our materials from professional high-quality suppliers in Europe, Asia and Turkey. Our own production is focused on assembly and spray painting. 96% of the bicycles we sell are finished at our own production plants. We have a number of large-scale production hubs complemented by smaller local production facilities. The remaining 4% of the bicycles we sell are purchased as ready-made products.

Distribution and sales

Consumers must be able to find our bicycles where they expect to find them and be able to buy them in what they consider the best and most convenient manner. This is why we are working on an omnichannel sales model, with the specialist retail trade playing a crucial role. It does not matter to us whether consumers buy via a webshop or in a physical store. What matters to us is that we provide consumers with the highest level of service and ensure that prices are fair and comparable across all channels.

Bicycle parts and accessories


Brand experience is less marked among consumers when it comes to bicycle parts and accessories than for bicycles, with the exception of parts in the top segment. We focus strongly on our own international private label XLC, which we supplement with top brands from third parties.


Our product range includes 85,000 different items in the long tail and this range covers all the key price points.

Seasonal pattern

Sales of bicycle parts and accessories have a more flat pattern when compared to bicycles but are also characterized by a seasonal higher peak in spring and summer affected by weather and differences in countries.

Development and design

Product innovation plays a modest role in the strategy for our own XLC brand. However, we constantly adapt our range of parts and accessories to meet the product and design innovations at our bicycle brands. Specific product categories in the accessories range, such as helmets, clothing, bicycle racks, child trailers and bags do have their own distinctive style and design.




Products sold under our own XLC brand are always selected in-house and we also design a number of products in-house. We frequently collaborate with well-known suppliers for either assembly or sales on the consumer market. This is how we safeguard the high-quality requirements we set for all XLC products.

Distribution and sales - fast delivery

We focus primarily on the European market with our own sales organisation and advanced distribution centres in 11 countries. Together they form a comprehensive network in the north, west and south of Europe. This enables us to supply our clients quickly which is a key differentiating factor in this market. While most consumer sales are still via specialist bicycle and sport stores, we are seeing a steady increase in the number of sales via webshops. We are shifting more and more towards an omnichannel approach for parts and accessories sales, just as we are on the bicycle front.