Corporate purpose: 'We believe cycling moves the world forward'

We strongly believe that people have the power to change the world for the better. And they will do this partly through cycling. Because cycling inspires many of us every single day to achieve more with our muscle power and innovative potential.


Cycling helps to give people a better life. Simply because more exercise makes everyone happier, fitter and results in better performance all day long. Cycling clears your head and gives you room to laugh and enjoy your day.

Cycling is bigger than the cyclist that smiles at his neighbour and really connects with his neighbourhood. It is by far the most sustainable mode of transportation and it helps create liveable towns and cities. Without traffic jams, noise and air pollution.

Cycling is the best ticket we have today to a healthier environment. Bikes offer the most energy-efficient way to get around, while taking up little space on roads. The production of bikes requires fewer materials than any other vehicle, with the lowest environmental impact per kilometre.

As one of Europe's leading bicycle manufacturers, making a real and lasting contribution to a liveable world is ingrained in our DNA. If we manage to make just one bicycle part more sustainable, it has an impact on millions of bikes. Our ambition is to help the world progress with every innovation we come up with.

We want to continue to build on our sustainable and profitable business by always being part of the solution with our bicycles. For our people, for society and for the planet. Every single day.