Employee data

We report our non-financial data, such as employee information, in this annual report for the period 1 December 2017 through 30 November 2018. On the reference date of 30 November 2018, Accell Group had 2,738 full-time employees (FTEs). This figure differs somewhat from the average number of FTEs in 2018, partly because we work with a fixed reference date and partly because not all companies (92%) were included in the data collection related to corporate social responsibility for 2018. On the reference date, 39% of our employees were covered by a collective labour agreement.

The tables below show the data collection.
All figures have been rounded off to improve readability. This may result in small rounding differences.


Data are derived from various HR information systems

Data are derived from various HR information systems.
* Temporary worker is defined as e person who works for a company that provides services to Accell Group (no employment contract with Accell Group).

The amount of hours is determined based on data derived from HR systems and from the financial administration, interviews and are in part estimated and extrapolated.

Data are derived from various HR information systems.
* Relative: is defined as the period of absence divided by total working hour.

Data are derived from various HR information systems.

In 2018, there were two accidents that resulted in long-term injury. One member of staff had an unfortunate fall during a photography session and one member of staff was seriously injured in the production process while operating a press. We added extra safety features to the equipment following the latter incident and we have adjusted and intensified instructions and training. Following a number of smaller production accidents, we also made changes to the equipment and working environment and tightened up the instructions. The majority of the accidents were the result of inattentiveness.

Although absenteeism as a result of accidents is relatively low (0.1%), the number of accidents once again shows why we see safety and accident prevention as one of our top priorities. At the end of the day, every accident is one too many.